Foodie Meaning

foodie meaning

Foodie doesn’t mean a fat person. Does that surprise you?
Many people hear the word foodie but don’t really know its definition. If you are one of them and ask about foodie meaning, read this article to know what foodie means.

Foodie Meaning

Meaning of foodie in general is a person who loves food and enjoys tasting every meal or any type of food. This person loves trying new dishes from different cultures and different places whether he was in a fancy restaurant or popular food truck as he really doesn’t care about the place as much he cares for the good taste.

Foodie word is considered a recent addition to the English language (dating from the early 1980s) although it derives from an older word, food. Food word itself can be traced back through Middle English to the Old English form fōda that is related to Old High German fuotar, meaning “food”.

Foodie Definition


There is a basic definition for this word in most of dictionaries. According to Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus foodie meaning is a person who loves food and is very interested in different types of food and according to another dictionary he/she is a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food and drink).

According to urban dictionary this word has the same meaning as the terms “gastronome” and “epicure” which means a person who enjoys food for pleasure. They think these words are perceived by the modern American consumer as elitist due to their latin root forms and polysyllabic pronunciations which may also be spelled “foody”.

How to define foodie the right way?

Roberto A. Ferdman, author of Stop Calling Yourself a ‘Foodie’ criticize the word saying “There is a great irony in describing yourself as a food insider in a way no actual food insider ever would.”

He claims that people who associate themselves with being a “foodie” are in fact distancing themselves from the group they wish to be associated with.

There is nothing wrong with loving food, in fact this there is a big misconception about the foodie meaning as many people think it means a person who just wants to consume large amounts of food and thus has to be fat.

That is not necessarily true because you can find skinny foodie who simply loves to eat fine foods without gaining more pounds.

Food lovers themselves define the word as thinking about food (a lot), enjoying the cooking process and reveling in how ingredients get to your cupboard, your plate and your mouth.

Foodie is a person who gives big attention and energy for knowing the ingredients of certain dish, the proper preparation of it, and finds great enjoyment in that process.

Who is the foodie?

Foodie is a person who loves sharing a delicious meal with his own family members, partner or a group of friends.

He/she loves mixing all types of fine ingredients to prepare the most amazing dish with a taste that no one can miss.

He/she sees as one of life’s unlimited pleasures not just necessary fuel for the body.

Foodies often enjoy displaying their knowledge of food, which they acquire since they must prepare it themselves.

They love to know a lot about the food industry itself beside following restaurant openings and cooking classes to learn more about food recipes.

But becoming a foodie doesn’t necessarily means having a great ability to cook but rather the ability to taste all food dishes from different countries and surrounding yourself with people who love sharing your delicious meals with them.

Is being a foodie bad?

No if you love eating food and enjoying every bite with keeping your weight in the average range and yes if you are allowing your love for food affect your health.

I myself have all the above mentioned characteristics of the foodie person and also have the characteristics of a skinny one as my weight has never been more than 120 pounds although I am not obsessed about calories.

How I do this?
Simply by knowing what foods to include in my meals to make them healthy besides enjoying every taste.

Final thoughts

Foodie meaning is all about enjoying food and after all if we don’t eat the best food dishes we can find now, when will we eat them? So eat, enjoy and keep your body healthy. Tell me your thoughts in a comment 🙂